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Back to WordPress!

A while back I had this crazy idea that blogs and websites were no longer necessary since social media did such a great job of reaching a wider audience.  Well, that was an exercise in futility.

Just because you’re reaching a bigger audience, doesn’t mean you’re reaching the right audience.

  • Facebook seems to be working actively against you, unless you’re paying for advertising, in which case, you better make damn sure you’re paying more than everyone else who is targeting your demographic, because even your own followers won’t see your posts.
  • Twitter has become the wild west.  I actually spent a few minutes last night with my curser over the ‘delete account’ button.  Some of the stuff on that site just feels a little too toxic at times.
  • Snapchat is just Instagram with news about Kim & Kanye.
  • Google Plus is a ghost town full of digital tumble weeds.
  • Tumblr will never see me again.  I had unease about supporting it when it was owned by Yahoo, but Verizon doesn’t seem like it’s got the service’s (or the user’s) best interests at heart.
  • Ello is the one service I gave up on almost as quickly as I joined. Does it still exist?  “Ello? Is anyone out there?”
  • Instagram is interesting, but all of my followers appear to be bots.

I’ve deleted all those services, except for Twitter and Instagram.  As much as I don’t care for Twitter, it does provide me news updates faster than any other service, plus if I use the correct hashtag, I can get most questions answered within minutes.

Until Instagram starts spamming me with Farmville and Candy Crush invites, I’ll consider it superior to all other social media…except for that stupid algorithm that keeps showing me the exact same posts over and over again.

I feel like I’ve got a little off track here.  I’ve decided to go back to blogging because I feel nostalgic for it, and I think it gives me the best opportunity to get my work noticed, mostly the old-fashioned way: Google searches.  Some people would argue that writing newsletters would be taking a real step back towards nostalgia and increase your chances of getting work noticed, but I only follow three news letters myself, and often I’m finding myself wondering why I signed up for them in the first place. (Orbital Operations being the exception.  I look forward to that one every Sunday.)

Yes, this is mostly going to be a personal blog, but I don’t feel like paying for half a dozen websites, so I’ll likely post whatever I make here under separate categories.  I think I’m done with podcasting and video work, but if I do any of that it’ll get posted here on an infrequent basis.  I’d still like to do a webcomic one day, so I may just end up posting it here.  For the most part this will just be an excuse to force myself to write something daily (if I haven’t already), and maybe practice some graphic design work.

We’ll see how it goes.