Damn Aging Process

Yesterday I threw my back out while trying to get my daughter into her car seat. It was not one of my finest moments, but over the past seven years this has been getting a little too frequent, and I refuse to spend any more money on chiropractors. I didn't have any interest in exercise either. Until today that is.
After getting home and taking too many muscle relaxers, I got the wild idea to hunt down my old Fitbit.
My only goal right now is to get 10,000 steps in everyday. I'll worry about diet and all that other stuff later. Right now I have found that just walking is making my back feel better without needing muscle relaxers and pain killers.
I'm happy to say I exceeded my goal of 10,000 steps this evening.
Now I've just got to keep it up.

Cat Tales


Cat Tales

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not totally happy with the way this one turned out. Especially the shape of the cats face in the first two frames. I didn’t notice it until I started scaling the image down.

Part of me wants to redraw the whole damn thing, which I might one day.  The other part of me says “Chalk it up to a learning experience and move on!”

The comic itself is pretty much how I have woken up every morning for the last seven years.

Here’s a picture of my little girl. She’s so small she can barely wrap her fingers around the tip of my index finger. It’ll be a while before we can bring her home, but it’ll be great when we can! http://ift.tt/1X11ox8

Work In Progress: Baby’s Room. 

After ripping out that rickety old closet last week, I was left with the task of repairing the deteriorating wall it was hiding. Luckily I had a bucket of plaster and some scrapers in my mudroom, and a couple extra partial buckets of plaster and tape donated from my family. 

I’m going to let this dry for a couple of days before I plaster again and sand. With luck I’ll be able to start priming and painting next weekend.  


The top two photos are from when we fora moved in. The second two are from yesterday. I guess I’ll be slowly documenting the conversion of my office/library into my daughter’s room. Check out that old wallpaper they built that shitty closet over.

I’m going to have a daughter!


I’ve known for months that I’m going to be a father, but until today we didn’t have a clue what the gender was going to be. 

Now it feels so much more real.

We need to pick out the paints, and I gotta get to work on that baby room.  Gotta order the carpet and the crib and the car seat and stroller. It feels exhausting, and expensive and totally worth it. 

I’m excited and nervous. 

I mean, one day I’m going to have to have the talk with her: “Marvel and DC are two totally different companies that publish separate fictional universes that will never crossover in their respected cinematic universes unless Disney or Warner Bros acquire one another.”

That talk might have to wait until she is three or four. 

Lazy Saturday Afternoons…

I really miss those…and pretty soon it’ll be about 18 years before I get another.

Even though I managed to screw up my back, and am hobbling around like someone three times my age, I’ve been pretty busy today, but not as busy as I have the past few weekends. I’ve got a lot of work to do around the house, like working on the baby’s room, but that’ll have to wait.  I just found mystery leak behind the shower wall that will require my attention sooner than later. I’d just like to know where the water is coming from before I rip the wall apart.

Once that is fixed I have to rip out a closet that someone thought they could build all by their self, and redo the electrical line that they ran behind it. I’m no expert on home renovations, but even I know there is a huge difference between knowing how to do a renovation, and thinking you know how to do a renovation, because you saw it on the DIY network and said “I CAN DO THAT!

I have nothing but contempt for the previous owner of this house.  All I can really do is make it a lot less problematic for the next owner.

Trying to put my #podcasting rig back together. Repurposing an old iPad, iPhone, iPods into the mixer for sound effects, playlists, interviews and from there the audio goes to both the iMac for upload to SoundCloud(probably) and an old GoPro as a backup and for posting a video version to YouTube or Vimeo if I feel the need for a video post. Also, look at that! No longer constricted to square photos on Instagram! http://ift.tt/1KolK0Y

Didn’t know this still worked, but when I turned it on, it had six audio files from a ghost walk I did. 6 years ago. The audio is pretty bad. Sounds like a lot of rustling in my jacket. It’s not until I hear someone say: “I AIN’T WALKNG ACROSS NO GRAVEYARD!” that I remember when this was last used. http://ift.tt/1HQOXPj

So my plan was to charge up my cameras. The cat said ‘NO!’/’MEOW!’ Hopped onto my lap, flopped down and fell asleep using my camera bag as a pillow. I just don’t have the heart to move her. #cats #cameras http://ift.tt/1fGQLRY

Read this book! You’d be surprised by how many hurt feelings and burnt bridges are behind your favourite characters and creators. #MarvelComics The Untold Story

I set the bags down for one second, forgetting there is catnip in one, I turn around and see this.

Today I will get some work done. Yup. Sure will. Mmmhmmm. Wonder if there is anything good on tv right now…

Someday they’ll find me muttering to myself in a room full of partially used notebooks.

After 7 hours of importing and editing, it has taken 10 hours to export 88% of this video.

My new business cards arrived today from @moo and they look amazing! They even arrived over a week early!