Damn Aging Process

Yesterday I threw my back out while trying to get my daughter into her car seat. It was not one of my finest moments, but over the past seven years this has been getting a little too frequent, and I refuse to spend any more money on chiropractors. I didn't have any interest in exercise…


I’ve been putting some thought into drawing comics again.  I’ve never considered myself a great cartoonist, or much of an artist, but I do find something about it very therapeutic.  It’s always been a great way to vent some pent up frustration and anger, which is something I have been feeling a lot of lately….

July has been an expensive month.

For the past year I’ve been talking about how happy I’d be to get rid of my phone again, and just use an iPad for communications, like I did six years ago.  My mentality was, if someone can’t get ahold of me when I’m out of the house, maybe that’s not the worst thing in…

Twitter QR Code

‪I see Twitter is doing the Snapchat thing now. ‬ Here’s mine: