Lazy Saturday Afternoons…

I really miss those…and pretty soon it’ll be about 18 years before I get another.

Even though I managed to screw up my back, and am hobbling around like someone three times my age, I’ve been pretty busy today, but not as busy as I have the past few weekends. I’ve got a lot of work to do around the house, like working on the baby’s room, but that’ll have to wait.  I just found mystery leak behind the shower wall that will require my attention sooner than later. I’d just like to know where the water is coming from before I rip the wall apart.

Once that is fixed I have to rip out a closet that someone thought they could build all by their self, and redo the electrical line that they ran behind it. I’m no expert on home renovations, but even I know there is a huge difference between knowing how to do a renovation, and thinking you know how to do a renovation, because you saw it on the DIY network and said “I CAN DO THAT!

I have nothing but contempt for the previous owner of this house.  All I can really do is make it a lot less problematic for the next owner.

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