As of tomorrow I am officially on vacation.  I guess you can call it more of a staycation, as we’re not going anywhere outside of Winnipeg.  My plan is to get as much done around the house as I can, and go to the places we claim we never have time to visit.  The art store is at the top of the ‘places to visit list’ followed up by the game store.  Perhaps we may even try antiquing.  I hear married couples are into antiquing.  I’m thinking that’s something we can try.  Then I can buy a vintage typewriter and go all out hipster.  

We’ve also got way too many projects to do around the house than we have time for.  Like cleaning the eavestrough we have, getting another eavestrough installed/replaced, cleaning the basement, landscaping the yard, fixing up the balcony, mowing the lawn, painting the dining room, renovating the second floor, patching the cracks in the walls, framing artwork and photos, replacing blinds, cleaning the kitchen and mudroom, renovating the bathroom, moving the tool shed… screw it.  I’m just going to turn off my phone, sit on the deck and drink beer & coffee for the next five days.  

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