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Welcome to Mark Liebrecht Dot Com!

This is a primarily a blog, but also a dumping ground for whatever online personal projects I am currently working on.

Also, this is where I will be accepting freelance writing and video editing requests.  If you’ve seen my work and are looking to hire me, please use the form on the contact page.

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@MarkLiebrecht (Mark Liebrecht) fancies himself as a cropped-markliebrecht.pngwriter that talks about himself in the third person. A self described creative nomad that has toyed around with comics, writing, graphic design and filmmaking. He says toyed around because he never actually made a career out of those things, but he did make a decent living in the film industry for a year. Currently he is attempting life as a cartoonist, and has even set up a Patreon if you feel so inclined to support him in this endeavour and keep this site up and running. What’s next for him after this? That depend on what other low paying creative ideas come down the line. Selling pottery on Etsy? Self published novella at the farmers market? Only time will tell!

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Like a lot of you, I have a toddler who is obsessed with tablets, mostly because she sees everyone else using one. I hate letting her use it at this age, but when I’m making dinner, doing laundry or cleaning the litter box, it’s nice to know I can give her the iPad for five …

Damn Aging Process

Yesterday I threw my back out while trying to get my daughter into her car seat. It was not one of my finest moments, but over the past seven years this has been getting a little too frequent, and I refuse to spend any more money on chiropractors. I didn't have any interest in exercise …

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